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Worth-it Projects are the pioneering providers of positive education programmes for at risk and vulnerable young people. Worth-it Projects used evidence-based positive psychology coaching within their programmes to help at risk, vulnerable young people address issues such as low self-esteem, self-harm, depression, stress, anxiety and harmful behaviours. Worth-it Projects aim to improve emotional literacy and to support young people in developing their own positive coping strategies. Worth-it Projects also offer positive psychology coaching training for anyone who works with at risk, vulnerable young people, as well as their services being available for commissioning to organisations.

Worth-it Projects coaches and trainers have extensive experience working with vulnerable young people, vulnerable adults and families. Our passion is to move people forward with a combined range of specialist qualifications, skills and knowledge, making a positive impact on every individual, group or organisation we work with.

Press releases

Be a Part of Worth-it Projects’ Wellbeing Celebration Event!

Worth-it Projects will be holding their Wellbeing Celebration Event at Loughborough Town Hall on Wednesday 21st May 2014. The whole event will be... read more

Press Release • 07.04.2014 • By Liz Robson